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Find Your Best Children’s Perfumes

Children’s Perfumes are especially formulated for babies, kids and teenagers to make them feel special and to spread good smell while some special occasions like wedding birthday and other celebration parties. Even used in routine to keep them smelling clean and fresh every day. It brings a lot of confidence to children when they are admired by some familiar person or some one else for the perfume they use, with a good feeling of well being. They also help to provide kids a feeling of maturity when they are noticed. Thus they help to enhance a sense of responsibility and sincerity to grow your loved ones to build a charming personality for their young age.

Children’s perfumes are usually made by popular child brands like Mattel Disney etc under various brand name like Barbie Aventura, Barbie Princess, Daisy Duck, Micky mouse, Minnie mouse, Goofy, Pluto, baby rose jeans etc. Days are gone when no significant importance was given to them. There is a vast market for them today. Eau de Bonpoint, Ambrette 9, Musti Eau Soin, Burberry Baby Touch, Petits et Mamans Fragrance by Bvlgari for Children, Tartine et Chocolat Ptisenbon by Givenchy, Tous Baby Eau de Cologne, Love Chic Baby Coco and Momo, Parfum Marie Puce, Johnson’s Baby Cologne are some of the heavily demanded and precious top rating brands.

Perfumes made for use of babies and kids should be non toxic, alcohol free or with less alcohol and fragrance should not be so strong as these cause allergy and irritation to their delicate skin and smelling senses. They are also required to match tastes and desires of the age group they are made for. As they are basically concentration of aromatic compounds often diluted with an organic solvent like ethanol, coconut oil, jojoba oil, liquid waxes etc so a soft aromatic combination with floral, citrus and fruit fragrance will be cool for loving children.

The Best Body Creams Do NOT Contain

No, I didn’t say the most expensive, I said the best body creams. Just because something costs an arm and a leg doesn’t mean it’s the best, well in the skincare world anyway!

What if I told you that some of the ingredients in skincare creams have been banned as carcinogenic in some parts of Europe and the US? Did you know that there are nearly two hundred different ingredients used in skincare products that are actually detrimental to your health? I am going to give you a couple of minutes here to grab your latest lotion or body cream and examine the ingredients.

Are you back? Okay. Let’s start with something simple like:

Alcohol – dries the skin, can cause brown spots and premature aging of the skin
Mineral oil – a petroleum by-product which can cause skin cancer, makes skin dry and irritable and can seal the skin, preventing elimination of toxins.
Fragrance- this is a term that hides a thousand possible carcinogens and is absolutely unnecessary in a body cream or lotion. I’ve seen it listed as “Parfum” – gosh if it’s French it must be okay right? Think again.
Parabens – these are great. They are possible carcinogens and have been linked to breast cancer and endocrine problems and can cause rashes.
Rancid acid emollients – oh ugh! These contain poisonous trans-fatty acids!

And this is only a list of five out of nearly two hundred lousy ingredients!

So are you ready to hear about what body creams I use? A range of products that is 100% natural and tested under stringent conditions from field to package? Yes, these ingredients grow in fields not in a test tube! Her are some of the yummy ingredients –

Avocado, honey and shea butter, all 100% natural – sound delicious don’t they?

What’s the largest organ in the human body? It’s the skin. Whatever you put on your skin is absorbed by the body, plain and simple. So now are you ready to toss those old products and consider something that will actually do your skin and your body good?

My recommendation to you is, if you want to look younger, stay healthier and stop absorbing harmful toxins, try this range of wonderful products. They have the best body creams, face masks, cleansers and also have a range of vitamin and mineral supplements too, and again, they are all natural.

How to Choose Best Women’s Perfume

The reason behind flowering of industries based on the best women’s perfume is that the women are always fascinated by the fragrances. Fragrance has always attracted women from the early time of civilization. In earlier time, fragrances were used in raw directly from flowers, oils and woods.

With the passing time, women’s perfume making had gone through many evolutions and inventions. Now it is the most luxurious and expensive industry in the world. It has classification. Perfume is the most expensive and has the longest lasting effect. Eau-de-parfum has less oil content but high staying capacity. Eau-de-toilette is best for office use. Eau-de-cologne is the most inexpensive of the lot and weakest also.


Women’s perfume can be categorized by fresh, floral, natural, fruity, spicy, citrus, oriental, musky, woody and sporty fragrance.

Before buying the best women’s perfume, one needs to pay attention on the personality and preferences of the woman. This is very important as there is no woman on this earth who will like to wear a perfume which is nasty or loud according to her nose and senses.

Forms of fragrances

Perfumes for women are available in bottles as perfume spray, roll-on and dab-on style. Apart from this, soaps and other skin care products are also available with perfume in it, which provides stronger and longer perfume stay. Aroma and essential oils are other forms by which one can use perfumes for healing and other purposes.

Right way to apply perfume

Women’s perfumes require proper way of application for fragrance to come out. It should be applied to the skin and pulse points. It should be given time to dry without rubbing. This hampers the perfume. Do not use near face and behind the ears. Do not apply on clothes and jewelry. They may get discolored and stained. Always use perfume before dressing and let it dry completely before wearing the clothes.

Best Practices for Applying Perfume

Perfume can smell gorgeous and enhance the appearance. But a strong fragrance can be irritating and overbearing for some. A strong smell can have a negative influence on those allergic to certain fragrances or asthmatic. Here are several of the best practices for applying a favorite perfume:

Knowing the fragrance

Perfume is packaged beautifully and comes in a range of fragrances. But it helps to have some basic knowledge of the make up of the fragrance and difference between an Eau de Cologne and Eau de Parfum. Each fragrance varies in regards to perfume oil content. Perfume oil in a high concentration means a higher price tag, longer lasting fragrance, and less solvent (often alcohol).

A strong fragrance option includes Eau de Parfum with its 20% fragrance, followed by Eau de Toilette with 10%, and Eau de Cologne with 2 to 5% aromatic compounds.

Avoid overdoing in the office

A strong and powerful perfume can be quite disruptive in a small office. It is certain to cause issues for those will allergies to fragrances. So, it helps to avoid using the strong perfumes in the office or similar confined spaces. A warm and rich scent is less noticed and offers a more appealing option in the place of work.

Spray the best areas of the body

Location and skin type can have a noticeable impact on a perfume. A fragrance can also vary when applied to clothing versus skin. A preferred place to apply the perfume is the pulse points, which includes the lower neck, wrists, behind the knees and inside of the elbow. Scent applied to any of these body parts means it is able to last longer. Also, by spraying the perfume in the proper area, you are able to be more subtle. This should mean there is less chance of disrupting the local environment.