Eau De Parfums

Women’s fragrance has definitely gone a long way now since it was chemically engineered millenniums ago. It had many purposes, mainly for the royalties and surprisingly, during the Renaissance period when people didn’t bathe, Eau Extracts and Eau de Parfums were extensively manufactured.

Today, anybody can have complete access to these Eau de Parfums, Eau Extracts and the Eau de Toilette. Colognes and body sprays, which have lower concentrations of aromatic compounds, compared to the Eau de Parfum and Eau Extracts, are also getting very popular. Everyone these days sees to it that they smell good, sometimes for dating purposes, or simply wanting to feel good and beautiful all the time.

As women are the foremost consumers of fragrance, women’s fragrance has since boomed into a lot of varieties. From simple extracts from rose petals mixed with some chemicals essential oils, women’s fragrance have now blossomed into many varieties, with designer fragrances topping the line of quality Eau Extracts, Eau de Parfums, Eau de Toilette, colognes and body sprays. All of these now can be bought at any fragrance store.

Because of the rise in demand of fragrance consumption, and the insatiable need to feel good and beautiful with oneself, this was an opportunity now for business developers to tap a huge market that obsessed with scents. Fragrance stores have since popped anywhere. And these fragrance stores are becoming more innovative in that they do not only become retailers of designer fragrances, but that they themselves took it upon their own to know how to make women’s fragrances and sell them in sets out in the market, just like what designer fragrances do.

For instance, making colognes have become easy that anyone can be an entrepreneur out of it. They can just gather materials such as beakers, triple deodorized alcohol, stirring rods, essential oils, and a weighing scale; they can become not only entrepreneurs but alchemists themselves! And best of all, manufacturing these are just easy and only takes a certain amount of money to capitalize on should they begin a small business of it. When they get better at it, they can even be creative enough to pack it into sets, such as having the women’s fragrance in different concentrations in a set like a body sprays, Eau Extract and cologne packed into a set.