The Best Body Creams Do NOT Contain

No, I didn’t say the most expensive, I said the best body creams. Just because something costs an arm and a leg doesn’t mean it’s the best, well in the skincare world anyway!

What if I told you that some of the ingredients in skincare creams have been banned as carcinogenic in some parts of Europe and the US? Did you know that there are nearly two hundred different ingredients used in skincare products that are actually detrimental to your health? I am going to give you a couple of minutes here to grab your latest lotion or body cream and examine the ingredients.

Are you back? Okay. Let’s start with something simple like:

Alcohol – dries the skin, can cause brown spots and premature aging of the skin
Mineral oil – a petroleum by-product which can cause skin cancer, makes skin dry and irritable and can seal the skin, preventing elimination of toxins.
Fragrance- this is a term that hides a thousand possible carcinogens and is absolutely unnecessary in a body cream or lotion. I’ve seen it listed as “Parfum” – gosh if it’s French it must be okay right? Think again.
Parabens – these are great. They are possible carcinogens and have been linked to breast cancer and endocrine problems and can cause rashes.
Rancid acid emollients – oh ugh! These contain poisonous trans-fatty acids!

And this is only a list of five out of nearly two hundred lousy ingredients!

So are you ready to hear about what body creams I use? A range of products that is 100% natural and tested under stringent conditions from field to package? Yes, these ingredients grow in fields not in a test tube! Her are some of the yummy ingredients –

Avocado, honey and shea butter, all 100% natural – sound delicious don’t they?

What’s the largest organ in the human body? It’s the skin. Whatever you put on your skin is absorbed by the body, plain and simple. So now are you ready to toss those old products and consider something that will actually do your skin and your body good?

My recommendation to you is, if you want to look younger, stay healthier and stop absorbing harmful toxins, try this range of wonderful products. They have the best body creams, face masks, cleansers and also have a range of vitamin and mineral supplements too, and again, they are all natural.