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A Guide to Viking Jewelry

The movies and cartoons portray Vikings as strong and mighty warriors ready to strike down whatever stands in their way. It is not easy to believe a warrior can put on jewelry. Vikings were gifted designers and made beautiful jewelry. The intricate pieces only came about later when the Vikings gained confidence after practicing with simple designs.

While we use jewelry to adorn ourselves, Vikings used theirs differently. For the Vikings, jewelry was an indication of wealth and as currency too. Vikings wore rings on their arms and necks for adornment purposes. If they came across something they wanted, they would turn to the silver rings and use them to pay for the services and commodities. They cut the rings off; therefore, it became known as hack-silver. Viking jewelry comprised other metals and gold was not common. Instead, they used bronze and silver. Women had brooches as their main piece of jewelry.

The Viking society had a range of jewelry to choose from, including the brooches. For them, anything shiny deserved to go on their bodies. They had a soft spot for rings which they put on their fingers and arms. The Vikings placed a lot of importance to arms rings and bands. They used them not just for adornment purposes, but also for the function of purchasing goods and services. The bands and rings indicated how wealthy a Viking man or woman was.

Burial sites and in hoarding grounds is where the jewelry lay hidden. Vikings shared the belief that the dead would live after they died. They covered up the deceased with valuables. The Vikings faced several attacks from invaders; therefore, they buried their valuables to protect them such invasions. Further, the Vikings kept moving from place to place; therefore, they needed a safe place for their valuables.

Vikings lived many years ago, but their culture lives among us today. Many shops are selling some of the Vikings jewelry. You can find enthusiasts of the Vikings culture wearing some. The main piece of jewelry you can find in shops selling Viking jewelry is the Viking bracelet. In line with the Norse myths. The bracelets have dragons and serpents. Bracelets that feature a dragon usually have two heads at the end of each wristband. The Vikings had intricate patterns on their jewelry; therefore, the wristband has such patterns as well. The serpent is part of the Ragnorak and wearing it could mean you believe in the myth.

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